House Rules

We look forward to sharing our home with you and want you have a wonderful time.

Within two weeks of arrival you will receive a request for a list of guests and the driver for each car at check in. Then, you will receive an epass for each driver to use at check in at the main gate and 7 days prior you will receive a welcome letter with the door code and wifi password for the townhouse.


Additional check in and resort information - Windsor Hills

1. Maximum guests - 6

           2 Day guests are permitted and must be registered in advance with the owner in order to enter the resort

           No overnight unregistered guest

2. Maximum cars - 3

           One in driveway

           Two in guest parking

3. Children must ALWAYS be supervised in pool area and use child gate and pool alarm.

4. No pets - ADA Service Pets require notification, reason for service, and must remain with the guest at all times, not alone in the home.

5. No smoking in the home or pool area.

6. Resort quiet hours 11 pm- 8 am.

7. Check out 10am - Please empty trash, start towels, log out of TV apps (Netflix, Prime Video) and start dishwasher.

8. The home is equipped with a video doorbell camera. Any disabling of this camera will result in immediate ejection from the property.